Awards & Success

Celebrating and rewarding success

It's time to celebrate! We aim high and ensure that every success our students and staff achieve receives the acknowledgement and reward it deserves. 

From exceptional iGCSE pass rates to individual academic and sporting achievements, we believe in giving our students, alumni, teachers and team members a big pat on the back for everything they achieve. It's how we show the world what we can do, and how we encourage all of our pupils and teaching staff to reach even higher!

We know we are a young school in Kampala, and we have only just started to enroll students who will undertake their examinations in future years. Our students are growing with us. So, as they do, let's give them all our encouragement and support:

  • For the Academic Year 2014/15, Year 10 pupils begun their iGCSE preparations in subjects including English, mathematics, science, ICT, art and design, French, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology. They sat the Cambridge Examinations in these subjects at the end of the Academic Year 2015/16, and they excelled.

  • In other year groups, GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala, uses the CAT4’s and ALIS assessment tools to assess and monitor the children’s progress. In addition, the Cambridge Checkpoint modules are also used to track progress along with our teachers’ day-to-day and termly assessments.

As a sneak preview, 
here are some of the results from our sister schools around the world.


Would you like to learn more about the British curriculum and testing methods? Our team at GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala, are always ready to take your questions and offer further information. Explore our school online, get in touch or come in and see us today.