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What's happening;

 24/10/17  15:30 -16:30 15.30-16.30 CPD – Curriculum GEMS CIK 
 28/10/17 - 29/10/17  Whole Day Open Day Registration  ACACIA MALL
 30/10/17   Year 5 Residential - Lakeside Adventure Park  GEMS CIK
 1st - 3/11/17   Sports U16B and U11G vs Heritage at GEMS; U16G and U11B vs Heritage at Heritage  GEMS CIK
 1/11/17   Sports - U13G at Acacia; U13B vs Acacia at GEMS  GEMS CIK
2/11/17  6.30 pm  Marquee Event - Auction of Promises  GEMS CIK
4/11/17    Sports - U16G, U9G and U9B at ISU  GEMS CIK

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