Introduction to Boarding

A modern and progressive boarding facility at the Butabika site located next to the Royal Palms Estate.

Our Boarding Facility provides a boarding experience for up to 150 students within two houses – one for males and the other for females, both housing 75 students across three floors. Students catered for range from ages 7 - 18 and are overseen by our Director of Boarding, Mr Peter Sawers, who has a wealth of experience of boarding within Africa. Along side our Director of Boarding is a qualified team of staff who will be on hand to ensure that the boarding students receive a high quality boarding experience.


GEMS Cambridge International School provides a warm, supportive, homely and progressive boarding environment in which friendship and social skills can be nurtured with provisions made for students to develop and expand their academic studies and leisure pursuits. Students have many opportunities to take part in their boarding environment through various committees – this establishes good patterns of collaborative living alongside discovering and learning the values of living within a culturally and ethnic diverse community.


While all teachers at GEMS Cambridge are responsible for the well-being of students, a specific team of boarding staff are at hand to enhance students residential safety and happiness. Boarding can be a particularly demanding, yet rewarding form of education, involving an especially close relationship between staff and pupils based on mutual trust and shared experiences. Boarding staff at GEMS Cambridge have high standards of professionalism, discretion, pastoral care and confidentiality, whilst maintaining a sense of humour and proportion.

In our boarding houses, students  come together for relaxation and activities in our large communal areas, which include common rooms, study rooms, library rooms, movie rooms and balcony areas. Each house has resident members of staff including the Heads of Boarding as well as a team of Matrons and support staff. Boarders’ meals are catered for by caterers during the week and at weekends – our menus are designed to reflect trends in healthy eating.


Boarding students have the use of the school’s outstanding facilities such as the ICT Suite, Library and LEGO studio, Puzzlemania room, swimming pools, tennis, netball and basketball courts, the sports field and the indoor sports gymnasium during the week and weekends. Like our LEGO Innovation Studio at school, boarding creates something very special – taking the letters of LEGO we build into relationships to ensure that our boarders are Linked in, Equipped for life, Grounded in their values and beliefs and Open to change and new challenges.

Please note there are only a few available places, therefore interested parents or guardians, kindly get in touch with us immediately through email

Visit the school from Monday - Friday, 9AM to 4.00PM for a personalised tour of the Boarding Facilities!

Fact for Parents May 2017 - Boarding Facility

For more information please contact our boarding director

Mr Peter Sawers on:

Tel: +256-791-480-085