Refer a Friend

Refer a friend & receive an exclusive "Thank You" discount


Are you a GEMS parent who has been impressed with the quality of education available at GEMS Cambridge International School - Kampala? Are your friends interested in the education your children are recieving at our school? If you've ever recommended GEMS to a friend, you can new earn an exclusive discount, simply by spreading the word!

Our way of saying thank you

As a very special thank you for your support of our school, we're offering GEMS parents a 10% discount on your youngest child's yearly tuition fees each time a new student enrolls thanks to your recommendation!

If you'd prefer to turn your discount into a charitable donation, we'd be very happy to donate it directly to The Varkey Foundation, where it will be used to dramatically improve the standards of education for underprivileged young people all over the world. From training teachers and buying uniforms to building entire classrooms, The Varkey Foundation is an incredibly worthwhile cause.

Let's share!


Terms & conditions

  1. You must be a parent with a child or children already enrolled in a GEMS participating school. You will find a list of participating schools on our website 
  2. Referrals can only be accepted through your School Registrar.
  3. Referred friends with children already attending a GEMS school do not qualify for this discount. Referrals must be for families without children at any GEMS school.
  4. Discount will be applied after: a) The referred child is successfully enrolled; and b) Payment for their first term tuition fees has cleared; and c) The referred child attends the school for a minimum of 2 weeks (some schools require 1 month). 
  5. Discounts or donations cannot be transferred to others.
  6. The relevant GEMS school admission and assessment policies and procedures will affect the referred child's successful enrollment.
  7. If more than one parent makes a referral for the same child, the parent who made the first referral will receive the discount.
  8. We would be delighted if you wished to refer more friends. We will thank you with a one time discount or donation (whichever you chose) for each child successfully enrolled in a GEMS school. The referred children can be from the same family.