Meet our Principal

Mr Neville Sherman

When was the last time you were in the Principal's office? At GEMS we think it's really important for you to have a good, open relationship with our teaching staff – starting with our Principal and head teacher, Neville Sherman. So, we thought it was time you got to know each other just a little better...

Meet: Neville Sherman

Neville started his career 35 years ago as a primary teacher. He took several principal roles before working as a school inspector in England. It should be no surprise then he has high standards for GEMS Cambridge International School - Kampala. Neville developed a taste for warmer climates, moving to South Africa until GEMS was lucky enough to have him come on board as the Principal at the GEMS Westminster School in Dubai. 

Of course, you can speak to Neville on any GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala topic. But like our faculty team we all have particular curriculum interests. Neville's keen interests are English, drama and ICT.

As a parent who had a son with particular learning needs at school, he is a strong advocate for inclusion. This means that Neville is passionate about ensuring all pupils, regardless of ability, age or gender, get the best possible quality of education. His strengths, beliefs and experiences all tie in closely with the GEMS education mission.

Many of the photographs on the school website have been snapped by Neville who loves art, design, photography. You will also find him on the weekends supporting the 'best football team in the world' - Burnley FC

Here is a warm welcome from Mr Sherman to Parents and Caregivers...

Welcome to Kampala and welcome to GEMS Cambridge International School. Located in the serene and tranquil area of Butabika, next to the Royal Palms Estate, we are an English curriculum school offering the very best education from one of the fastest growing and leading international schools in Kampala.

 Every day our teachers and staff strive to help students aged 2.5-18, from all backgrounds, cultures and educational levels to learn, thrive and grow. We are working to ensure every single pupil we teach benefits from an internationally respected education which prepares for their future in Uganda or abroad.

 Explore our school

So, how do we do it? We'd love to invite to you learn a little more about what makes us one of the best international schools in Kampala. Step inside to explore our facilities, discover amazing activities and find out just how much your child could achieve. You are more than welcome to ‘drop in’, meet the Principal, take a tour of the school, talk to students and staff and see for yourself both what we have to offer your child(ren) and hear of the exciting plans we have to develop the school still further.


 We teach the National Curriculum for England from Pre- Foundation Stage (age 2.5 years, fondly known in our school as ‘Pearls’) to Year 11. However, from September 2016, we will be broadening our provision to include both Year 12 and 13. However, academic excellence at an international standard is just the start. We're passionate about offering every student every possible chance to succeed and both discover and further nurture their talent and skills. To do this, we provide a diverse range of learning, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities appropriate to each student’s age and unique stage of development.

 Our goal is to nurture our students' confidence and independence, giving your child the educational support they need to grow into flexible and resilient young adults, ready to succeed in an ever-more competitive and globalized world. At the heart of our international school in Kampala, you'll find a strong, clear ethos, founded on:

    •   Academic excellence

   •  Outstanding early education which gives pupils a strong head-start in life

   •  Helping young people develop confidence, initiative and independence

   • Teaching students usable skills they are able to apply in all areas of their learning both while in education and in their later lives      

   •Exceptional teaching, which supports and inspires students at every educational level

   •Powerful classroom technology, which enriches and supports learning in different subjects

   •Close and visible relationships with parents so that parents too come to learn the importance they play in the educational journey of their children

   • A passion for arts, science, sports and extra-curricular subjects to help every student realise their talents.

Ready and want to to learn more about GEMS Cambridge International School,Kampala?

Feel free to visit us on Butabika Road, Luzira, Kampala.

What's next?

With the introductions made, perhaps you'd like to learn more about the rest of our Faculty Team? Maybe you'd like to find out more about how we teach the British curriculum or want to explore our facilities further?  

You'll find everything you need right here online, but please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. If you think our school could be a good fit for your young learner, why not book a tour to explore GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala with your child?