Transport & Health

Complete peace of mind, to and from school

At GEMS Uganda, we know how important it is for you to feel confident of your child's safety and security. With a dedicated school bus service and access to fully-qualified medical personnel, you can be certain that your child is in safe hands at all times.

Medical Care

GEMS Uganda has a well-equipped medical dispensary under the control of a fully-qualified nurse. All cases of injury or illness receive immediate medical attention. In the unlikely event that specialist medical aid is required, emergency transport is immediately available to take the student to the hospital.

School Transportation

We operate a fleet of secure school buses in Kampala and Entebbe. The students travel with a trained bus monitor who is a member of staff, a driver and security personnel. All transport is regularly maintained for safety. And, for extra peace of mind, there are speed management systems, along with GPS and tracking devices on board. 

To learn more about our school transport services and health services in Kampala, please don't hesitate to contact our team.