Science & Technology

For aspiring Bill Gates & budding Einsteins

''We want to ensure that your children taught by us today are sufficiently equipped and confident to use the technologies of tomorrow''

At GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala, we're passionate about providing exceptional teaching of IT and technology in Uganda. We aim to give our students an education which will truly prepare them to lead the way in today’s increasingly competitive and technology rich global economy.

 Our school is well equipped with interactive whiteboards, laptops and tablet technology. From Early Years and KS1 our students can use technology like robotics, laptops, tablets, cameras and video conferencing.

Our Partnership with LEGO Education


In August 2015, in partnership with LEGO Education, we opened the first fully kitted LEGO Education Innovation School at GEMS Cambridge International School-Kampala.

This partnership represents an exciting moment in the development of our school. For over 30 years, LEGO Education has been working with teachers and educational specialists to provide ideas, solutions and make learning fun for all pupils regardless of their age or ability. With our sister school in Nairobi (GEMS Cambridge International School-Nairobi) who have a similar facility, our studio allows students to explore lines of thinking in Science,Technology, Geography, English, Computer Science, Mathematics and the Humanities. With educational sets, activity packs, teacher resources and programming tools, we can make learning inspiring and meet students curriculum needs. What better way than to explore different weather patterns than by using LEGO Equipment to plan, sketch, design, construct weather vanes that are propelled by motors!Ultimately,our studio  will encourage students to think creatively,reason systematically and  release their potential to shape their own learning.

Technology in our classrooms


In addition to the above,we are passionate about providing exceptional teaching of ICT and  and  other technologies in our school  through different subjects.Pupils use digital  cameras to support their learning in art and  design;keyboards and associated software in music;tablet technology in day-to-day lessons and  in our new Secondary library,students explore new technologies in reading books electronically. We currently have a tablet of one to every two pupils.  All this is in addition to day-to-day ICT lessons in the Secondary school or in Primary classrooms by using different equipment and  software in different areas  of learning. We aim to give our students an education which will both help  prepare and  support them  in today’s increasingly competitive and  technology rich global  economy and  to become confident users  and creators of different digital content.

Furthermore,our school is very well equipped with interactive whiteboards,laptops and  ICT learning bays. From Early Years and  Key Stage 1 our students use technology by video  conferencing to support learning.Our School Council,for example use these facilities to link up with other GEMS’ pupils to discuss and explore educational themes.

We train all of our teachers on Microsoft and Apple Technologies and Innovative Teaching Practices through different programs to enable them  to incorporate technology in all aspects of their work with students. Our aim is to ensure that  all staff are sufficiently trained and confident in using the equipment we have to support all students’ learning.Our Boarding Facility,once  completed will also have  similar technology thereby ensuring boarding students have access to such equipment beyond the school day.We aim to ensure that your children  taught by us today, are sufficiently equipped and confident to be able to use the technologies of tomorrow.


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